A revised Code of Conduct for Property Factors came into effect on 16th August, 2021. We have taken the decision to review our Written Statement of Service, as part of our review of services to factored owners. 

As a result, we have revised our Written Statement of Services and Schedule drafts. We are currently awaiting information from our solicitors, regarding our factored owners Title Deeds and Deeds of Condition so that we can reflect these within these documents, prior to meeting with you to discuss other proposed changes. The Written Statement of Services and Schedules are still drafts and will not be finalised and issued to you until this work is completed. The drafts were last revised on 16 November 2021 to reflect comments received.

Subject to any changes in government Covid 19 guidance, we are aiming to meet face to face with factored owners in January 2022 to go through the proposed changes and will contact factored owners early next year.

Meanwhile you can view the revised Code of Conduct, as well as our Factoring Debt Recovery Policy and a revised draft of our Written Statement of Services and Schedules below.