Our Vision

Wellhouse: the Place to Be

Encapsulated in this simple statement is our vision of Wellhouse as an attractive place where people feel happy and safe, benefit from having a good home and an attractive environment and feel proud to be part of a vibrant community.

Our Strategic Objectives

To ensure we stay focused on transforming our business and making the social impact we seek, we have developed a set of 6 strategic objectives for the Business Plan period. From these objectives, all our activities will flow. We will also measure our success by setting targets against these objectives, ensuring that we deliver them effectively and efficiently. The six objectives are to:-

  1. Deliver excellent services.
  2. Provide good quality homes.
  3. Anticipate, understand and respond to local needs.
  4. Foster an attractive, successful and thriving community.
  5. Maintain good governance and financial management.
  6. Value and invest in our people.

Our Constitution

We are an independent organisation governed by a volunteer management committee, many of whom are our customers. We do not distribute our surpluses, but rather, we reinvest these for the benefit of our customers.

In addition to being a registered social landlord, we are also registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and are a Scottish Charity. Our legal structure takes the form of a society under the Co-operative and Community Benefits Societies Act 2014.

We updated our Model Rules in 2020.

Our Story

In 1990, a tenants steering group was set up to seek the transfer of 335 homes from Glasgow City Council to community ownership. Their success led to the creation of Wellhouse HA, registered as a social landlord in 1994. A second successful stock transfer from Glasgow Housing Association in 2010 resulted in all the social rented homes in Wellhouse being owned by the housing association.  The association has worked hard to transform the local area and build new homes. We now own 798 good quality rented homes and factor a further 52 on behalf of other owners. 

Over the years, we have developed innovative approaches, particularly in our wider role activities. We have been ambitious to transform the local area and the physical and social improvements are obvious. Statistics show that since 1994, and 2010, the community is more stable, there is little anti-social behaviour, and the level of deprivation has improved.

In 2015, we embarked upon a major review of our governance and financial management arrangements. We agreed with and responded to requirements from the Scottish Housing Regulator, with a comprehensive Governance Improvement Plan.  We have significantly strengthened our organisation in critical business areas. We have robust business planning and risk management arrangements.  We have reviewed the investment needs in our tenants' homes and provided for a more appropriate upgrading programme to include environmental improvements. We have enhanced our management reporting systems and this has already helped to identify efficiencies and improve our performance.  We will continue to implement and develop these improvements.

As part of our commitment to constant improvement, we have 3 yearly business plans, which are reviewed annually; we submit Annual Assurance Statements to the Scottish Housing Regulator, hold annual committee appraisals, report on our Charter return to tenants annually and have a robust set of Key Performance Indicators.

Wellhouse HA is proud to be working as a community controlled housing association serving our tenants, factored owners and all other customers.  We  remain committed to the delivery of wider role activity with our local partners.