How Wellhouse Maintains Your Gas Safety

Around 14 people in the UK die every year from the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning due to faulty gas appliances. By law, Wellhouse Housing Association is responsible for making sure that gas fittings and flues we have provided in your home are maintained in good order, and that all gas appliances are checked annually to ensure that you are safe in your home.

What Wellhouse Does About Gas Safety

We are committed to visiting all properties every 10-11 months, irrespective of whether you have a gas supply or not. Our dedicated gas contractors and their service engineers will visit to check your heating system to make sure that it is safe and that any faults are repaired.

This annual service is important for:

  • the effective operation of your central heating system and
  • for you and your family’s safety and also for the safety of your neighbours.

We are unable to service tenants' appliances, such as cookers or gas fires. However, we will check that the appliance is safe to use; any defects will be reported to you and, where considered necessary, the appliance will be disconnected from the gas supply as a safety precaution.

It is the responsibility of tenants to ensure that a Gas Safe Registered engineer attends to repair any identified defect to their own gas appliance.

Access For The Gas Safety Check And Service

We have an excellent system for carrying out gas safety checks on all our properties to ensure your health and safety. The only time we are unable to carry out these safety checks is when a tenant fails to give access to their home.

Please tell us if you will not be at home at the time we say we are coming to carry out the gas safety check, so that we can arrange a more suitable appointment.
Failure to allow access to Wellhouse’s repair contractor is a breach of your tenancy conditions. We can, if necessary, take legal action to gain access to your property to carry out safety checks. If we have to do this, you will be recharged any costs that we incur, including our administration costs.

Help us to help you stay safe – let us in when we need to check for gas safety.

Please note that our call handlers will ask the relevant screening questions when you call in and the Engineer will also ask these prior to entering your property.

Saltire are complying with guidance in relation to PPE for their operatives and all are supplied with gloves, masks and hand sanitisers.

Should you require any further information regarding your annual service, this can be found on Gas Safe website:

Service Appointments

We can offer our tenants a time for our contractors to call that suits. Appointments are available between 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday. For tenants that work during these times and cannot make alternative access arrangements for the contractor, we can subsequently offer an appointments two night per week until 7.00pm and some Saturday morning appointments. Any appointments arranged out with normal working hours must be booked 7 days in advance.

All of our contractors' engineers carry Gas Safe identification cards. You should not let anyone into your home without asking for identification first. If you are in any doubt, please contact our office on 0141 781 1884 as soon as possible and our staff will be able to verify that the engineer is working on our behalf.

Reporting A Repair To Central Heating And Gas Appliance

If there is something wrong with your heating in between services, you should report this to Saltire 24hrs a day by telephoning 0330 202 0444 and our gas contractor will attend and repair the fault.

If you smell gas in your property:

  1. Let fresh air into your home by opening doors and windows.
  2. If it’s safe to do so, make sure you cut the gas supply off straight away – move the handle a quarter turn, until it’s at 90 degrees from the pipe. This is usually located next to your gas meter. But if it’s in the cellar, it’s usually best to leave it.
  3. Leave your property.
  4. Call the National Gas Emergencies number 0800 111 999. It’s free of charge, and lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  5. Listen to the advice provided by the emergency adviser and follow it
  6. Wait outside your property for the gas engineer to arrive
  7. If you feel unwell, go to your GP or your local hospital straight away. Inform them that you think you’ve been exposed to a gas leak or carbon monoxide poisoning.


  • light a match, smoke, or use any other naked flame
  • touch any electrical switches; don’t turn them on or off.
  • use mobile phones, doorbells or any other electrical switches that could spark.

Gas Safe Register Website

View the Gas Safe Register website where you are able to find details of Gas Safe Registered businesses and engineers in your area.

The Freephone telephone number for Gas Safe Register is 0800 408 5500.

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