Wellhouse Housing Association (WHA) recognises that the issue of abuse and violence in the

workplace is a growing problem within many organisations across all industries and business operations.

Our staff aims to provide a high quality, personal service that is prompt, courteous and  caring. In return, our staff expects the same courtesy and respect when talking to you, either in person or on the telephone.

The safety and security of WHA staff is of vital importance and acts or threats of physical

violence, intimidation and/or harassment which an employee is subject to or which occur on

WHA property or elsewhere will not be tolerated.

Workplace Violence is considered to be any physical assault, threatening behaviour or verbal abusive remarks that is made towards an employee in the workplace and/or affects the workplace behaviour.

These include, but are not limited to:

Verbal Abuse: any verbal abuse issued with the intent of creating fear or intimidation to another individual, or group of individuals, or remarks or comments expressed in a loud, harsh or threatening tone of voice or inappropriate joking manner within the workplace.

Physical Abuse: any intentional movement of the body which may include touching, gesturing, pushing, striking, stalking, any unwanted intrusion of “reasonable space”~ of an employee or any intentional use of any object towards an individual.

WHA will adopt a zero-tolerance approach in all instances of violence, threats or intimidation that an employee may be subject to by any individual or group of people. Staff will challenge such behaviour and individuals will be asked to leave the premises or if on the phone, calls will be terminated.

Behaving in such a way will lead to you being excluded from entering Wellhouse Housing Association’s Office and contacting us by phone. Any enquiry that you may have will only be dealt with by written correspondence or through a third party.

Individuals may also be prosecuted or tenants could be at risk of losing their tenancy.