Please be advised that Mott MacDonald will visit the flats at the west side of Wellhouse Crescent over the next week. The purpose of these visits will be to look at the rainwater pipes at each property to determine if SuDS Planters could be installed. They had an initial walkover with some of the SuDS Planter team a few weeks ago and will be using their mobile app system to log details for each of the locations.

The dates we currently have planned are:

Friday 8th September

Tuesday 12th September

Wednesday 13th September

During the visits they will be taking photos of the downpipe locations but will aim to do this in a way that minimises any disruption to the tenants/ property owners. They will be wearing Mott MacDonald branded hi-vis and be carrying ID cards.

If you have any concerns please contact the office on 0141 781 1884 or email