The Tenant Hardship Loan Fund can be used to support those who have arrears as a result of the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. The eligibility criteria previously only allowed applications from applicants who accrued arrears after 1 January 2020. Eligibility criteria also excluded any applicant where arrears had accrued over non-consecutive periods.

Changes to eligibility from January 2021

  • Applications will now be accepted from those with arrears prior to the 1st January 2020, however, the amount of loan will still only cover the amount of arrears that have occurred after 1st January 2020.
  • Applications will now be accepted from those who have non-consecutive arrears.

If you previously applied and were refused due to having non-consecutive arrears or having arrears prior to 1st January 2020, you will be automatically contacted by the scheme to reassess your eligibility.

Key points

  • The Scottish Government can offer an interest free loan to assist tenants who have accrued rent arrears due to the Coronavirus pandemic
  • The aim of the loan is to protect those who have accrued arrears due to the Coronavirus pandemic from eviction.
  • You may be able to borrow up to 9 months’ worth of rental payments and up to 3 months of this can be for ‘future rent due’.

Further eligibility criteria

  • Applicants should have taken appropriate Advice from a suitable Advice Agency/ Advisor before making an application to the Tenant Hardship Fund. A benefit check should be completed prior to starting an application.
  • Eligibility to other forms of support such as Universal Credit or Discretionary Housing Payments should be considered prior to starting an application.
  • Applicants will be subject to a credit check and affordability check.
  • Applications remain subject to verification by the landlord.

If you think the Tenant Hardship Fund may be an appropriate option for you, please contact our Income Advice Officer Laura Reilly to check entitlement to existing benefits.

How to apply

Applications can be made by visiting