14 February 2019 - Responses to Facebook comments. 

Wellhouse HA acknowledges that, of the tenants who chose to respond to our consultation, most of you did not support an increase.  The increase was needed this year for the reasons outlined in our statement of 6 February – we spend significant sums investing in your homes and estate and our costs increase each year, so we need the keep the business viable and protect its future.  For example, we spent £950,000 in 2018 on reinvestment:


We will be spending £900,000 on planned investment this year.  Our website has all the information you will need on actual phases and addresses – if you need anything specific, please let us know.  You will also find our full audited accounts for the last 4 years on the website https://wellhouseha.org.uk/financial-information if you want more information on Wellhouse’s income and expenditure.  All of this information is discussed at the AGM.

We are looking at work to the back courts and this will be a priority for us going forward, but all work will need to be funded. We will have to work closely with Glasgow City Council who is responsible for bins – they provide them and provide refuse services.   Wellhouse does not provide bins.

How did your weekly rent compare in 2017/18?

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2017/18 .

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