Event Name

Scottish Parliament Social Security and Covid 19 Inquiry

Type of activity

Conversational workshop

Background description to the event

What would you like to say to the Social Security Committee Inquiry about your experiences during the Covid 19 emergency, and what changes would you like to see in the Scottish social security system to support people through the crisis and beyond?


Your feedback will input into the Scottish Parliament Social Security Committee inquiry. The committee would like to hear from people who have used the benefits system during the Covid 19 emergency. Those who are in-work, out of work and seeking work.

Benefits of attending/who is it for?

People who have had experience or who are in receipt of benefits during the Covid19 emergency. Or those who have tried to claim.  While we look forward to hearing from as many people as possible, we would really like to hear from tenants from outwith the Central Belt

Draft Agenda (if available)

2.00 – Hellos

2.15 – Intro to the Scottish Parliament and scrutiny

2.30 – Listening to you

3.15 – Summary

3.30  - End


4th November


2 – 3.30pm

Webinar platform (if relevant)

TEAMS live event

How to book:

Contact Elaine Scoular: elaine.scoular@tpasscotland.org.uk