As you are all aware, we have been consulting on the rent increase since late last year. We were proposing Inflation (3%) plus an additional 1% - this is what is in Wellhouse Housing Association’s long term business plans. This week (29th January), the Management Committee considered feedback from tenants and decided that this year we would apply an inflation only increase to your rent. 

Chair Maureen Morris said -

“We listened carefully to the feedback from our tenants and appreciate your honesty. We recognise that tenants are under pressure with their own incomes and that the suggested increase would present many of you with a problem, therefore we did not follow through with the planned increase. It is very important to us that we keep Wellhouse Housing Association as a viable business and ensure we can meet our costs – this is why we retained the increase in line with inflation - this will allow us to keep paying repairs contractors, suppliers, etc. at the new rate of inflation”

Maureen added -

“Reducing the increase from the original plan means £30,000 less in our income, but we have set the staff a target to focus on making savings in that region through efficiencies and our new value for money policy; we are confident that they can rise to that challenge!”

The staff and Management Committee hope this gives you confidence that your views are important to us, that we welcome them and, more importantly, act upon them.

Remember also that although the rent increase was agreed at 3%, we are in year two of a three year rent harmonisation project and this will also be reflected in your rent charge for 2018/19.

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A letter detailing the impact on your own rent charge will be sent to you in due course.