Hi all, we are looking for individuals who are interested in doing some outdoor activities at the Glenburn Centre.

If you feel Lockdown is getting you down then guidance as of 12th March 2021 will allow us to do some face-to-face work.

We have a team of staff who are keen to get out with local community members for a chat and to do some fun activities.

Some suggestions so far have been:

  • Walking Group (Nature walks, Hill walks, Bush Craft)
  • Gardening Group
  • Cycling Group (Bikes will be provided if you do not have access to a bike)
  • Litter picking/Recycling Group
  • Exercise Group (Couch to 5K, Yoga, )

If you’d be interested in this then you can contact us on the phone at 0141 781 2277 and a member of our team will get you on our private Facebook group so you can take part in activities online or outdoors.