Due to the cold weather our Plumbing and Heating contractors are responding to a very high volume of calls due to frozen pipes or issues with central heating and are they attending as quickly as possible,

You can call Saltire direct on 0330 2020 0444  to report Central Heating issues.

We apricate your patience during this time.

Frozen pipes

When temperatures drop there is a possibility that pipes will freeze. If the temperatures remain below 0c freezing for 2-3 days it is likely that pipes will freeze and burst when the temperature rises. To prevent frozen pipes keep your heating on. It does not need to be at a high temperature, an average temperature of 5 degrees will stop your pipes from freezing. Turn your thermostat down low but keep your heating on until the outside temperature rises above freezing.

Minimising the damage from a burst pipe!

If your pipes burst then your priority must be to minimise any damage from escaping water. You can do this by undertaking the following actions:

  1. Switch off any water heaters or boilers.
  2. Turn off the main stopcock.
  3. Contact the Association’s emergency contact number.
  4. Collect as much water as possible in buckets, baths and containers as this water can be used to flush the toilets. Do not use the water to drink or cook with.
  5. Do not touch any wet electrical fittings.