We would like to thank all of the tenants and applicants who gave up their time on Monday 12th February to attend one of our allocations events in the afternoon or evening.

We understand that Allocations is a hot topic and people want to know that the properties we let, are let fairly for those who currently ‘bid’ on the advertised available properties.

We do have a Choice Based Lettings system in place where properties are advertised weekly, and applicants can ‘bid’ but only if the property advertised is within their band. Each band is targeted with 25% of our total lets each year and it can be confusing and seem unfair if a property is available but not advertised in your band.

So we wanted to hear your views about Wellhouse joining a Common Housing Register (CHR) with 4 other local Housing Associations and adopt a group plus points based system that has been working for the CHR members, and had a little exercise at the allocations events where we asked those who attended who they would give a property to out of the 5 example applicants.

There was a good debate at both sessions on who should get the property and why, and not everyone was in agreement about who should be picked. I hope the exercise showed the differences in our current banding system and the shared CHR policy using an agreed model.

Overall those who attended (or provided feedback if they couldn’t attend) were more in favour of the CHR system, but some local residents were concerned it would mean they have less change of getting a house if they currently live in a flat that suits their housing needs and all of the feedback will be considered before a final decision is made.

Again, thanks to everyone who attended or gave feedback, and a special thanks to the staff of The Hub Café for allowing us to hold our events there and for the tea, coffee, fish, burgers, chips and sandwiches.