The management committee of Wellhouse Housing Association approved a rent increase of 2.5% on 30 January 2020, following consultation with tenants. The increase was needed to ensure we can continue to invest and improve in your homes and the estate, repay the private finance borrowed over the years to build new homes and deliver the services required to you. The committee had been considering the proposed increase since November and we have been consulting tenants during December 2019 and the early part of January 2020.

We had 104 responses to our survey and 87 of those did not support the increase. However, we have to balance the need for funding new kitchens, bathrooms, boilers, etc. in order to ensure your homes are kept to a good standard. This is in line with the Association’s Business Plan.

All tenants will receive an individual letter in due course and we will advise Glasgow City Council Housing Benefit Service of the increases.

The following table indicates how the 2.5% affects the average monthly rent:

Property Size

Average Monthly Rent 2019/20

Average Monthly Rent 2020/21(based on proposed 2.5% uplift)

Monthly Increase






















Please note that these averages are based on the range of existing monthly charges per apartment size. For example, we have 2 charges for our 2apt properties based on their amenities. These are £289.29 and £294.74, giving an average of £292.02.