Welcome to Wellhouse

Wellhouse is a distinct community of 1100 homes located in the south of Easterhouse to the east of Glasgow.

The Association was formed in 1995 and over the years we have improved and built 400 new homes. We also created Wellhouse Community Trust, that has been so successful that it has expanded and recently changed it's name to Connect Community Trust.

Our success is due to the energy and commitment of the Management Committee, Staff and volunteers.

Our aim is to successfully regenerate Wellhouse into a community where the physical and social fabric has been renewed and where people wish to reside.

Our current project is a proposed 50 new home development for sale and rent.  We recently introduced a new Choice Based Lettings scheme –'Choose Well', which has been hugely successful.

The aim of this Web site is to provide a flavour of what we do, to inform residents and to allow a dialogue about the future direction of the community of Wellhouse.

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